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SEO Consultancy

Website SEO consultant

SEO audits and consultancy that get your website found!

Already have a website?

Is it not performing as you had hoped? Or perhaps it once performed well but over time you have noticed a significant decrease in traffic?

SEO is constantly changing

What worked a year or two ago for SEO won’t necessarily still be the case today. The likes of Google are constantly changing the goalposts for SEO and how a website should be configured and optimised in order to rank well in search results.

Why is SEO important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making search engines aware of your website.

You can have the best-looking website out there, but if it is not optimised for SEO then I’m afraid it will just not perform for you.

If search engines do not know that your website exists, or do not have a clear understanding of what your website is about, they simply won’t present it in search results.

SEO is ensuring your website is easy for search engines to index and understand so that when people search online for a service or product you provide, your website can confidently be returned in search results.

Often business owners will focus purely on the design element of their website and pay little to no consideration to SEO which will always result in poor performance of your website.

Why invest in SEO?

As mentioned above, without SEO you are simply wasting your time and money having a website online. Unless you give someone your website link, they are simply not going to find it in search results.

SEO is a long-term investment ensuring that when people are searching in real-time for your products or services, your website is presented to them. Why is this important? Because people who search online have a clear intent. They are interested in the service or product they are searching for. Therefore you are catching them in that research or purchase mindset which is crucial to successful sales.

Unlike digital marketing where you pay for adverts to be presented to people who may have searched for your services or products a week ago or even a month ago, investing in SEO allows you to capture the attention of potential clients in real-time, based on their immediate requirements.

My SEO services

Website SEO audit Lite

Website SEO audit Lite

In this audit and report, I focus on on-page and website SEO elements including:

  • Performance (how quickly does your website load, a high priority for a good SEO score).
  • Best practices
  • SEO – are you using your keywords in the right places throughout your website and pages?
  • Accessibility – how inclusive is your website?

The report produced will be at least 10 pages depending on the number of issues found.

Each issue found will be highlighted in the report along with recommendations on how to fix the issue.

Price: £150

Website SEO audit professional

This report includes everything included in the Lite report however includes a deeper dive into your website including:

  • Analysing your Google Analytics to identify any website issues (this assumes you have registered your website with Google Analytics)
  • Analyse data from your web hosting platform to identify any website issues and/or trends.
  • Keyword research and analysis of their use across your website including recommendations of where to include them.
  • H1 and H2 heading suggestions incorporating your keywords.

Price: £250

Website SEO audit professional
SEO consultancy

Website and SEO consultancy

If you are looking for someone to perform some updates on your website or provide some SEO consultancy, then my hourly consultancy rates may be more appropriate.

My hourly consultancy rate is £50ph and covers amongst others:

  • Web design support – adding additional pages, adding new functionality etc
  • WordPress maintenance support – having an issue with a WordPress plugin or something broken on your website? Then I can provide WordPress support to identify and correct the issue
  • Website and page SEO configuration
  • Image optimisation
  • Migrating a WordPress website to another host
  • and anything related to your website and SEO requirements

Price: £50ph

Rank on page 1 of Google

This service is aimed at startups who have not yet built their website and would like to get a good understanding of SEO and how to get their website ranking well on Google and other search engines once launched.

What you will learn:

Understanding your ideal client
Keyword research
Site SEO:
including page slugs, meta descriptions and more
Page SEO: including titles, headings and important page elements
SEO best practices: how to optimise your website and its content for optimal SEO rankings
SEO strategy: learn how to continue to improve your SEO post-launch of your website. If you follow this guidance your website will be ranking on page 1 of Google for your local area within 2 months of launch!

This training takes place via 3x 40-minute 1:1 Zoom calls. Session 1 focuses on understanding your business and identifying your ideal client. I will provide insight into keyword research and how this should be done and tools to assist. Session 2 will focus on the SEO elements that you need to know before starting to build your website. Session 3 focuses on ongoing SEO strategy to get your website ranking highly on Google and other search engines.

Sessions are recorded so that you can always refer back to them should you forget anything discussed.

Give your website, and your business, the best possible start by ensuring your SEO is on point!

Price: £400

Page 1 of Google SEO training

Ready to up your SEO game?

If you are ready to optimise your website for the best possible chance of ranking well in search results when people search for your services and/or products then use the contact form below to get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how I may be able to assist you.